Vice-Chancellor for Cultural and Student Affairs

-Vice -Chancellor for cultural and student affairs : Dr.Nader  Shahrokhi    Education : PhD, in physiology    Academic  Rank : Associate professor    contact no : 03431325301  

-Director of student affairs : Adel Aref      contact no : 03431325301

-Director of cultural affairs : Hojatoleslam MohammadReza Pourhabibi   contact no : 03431325301

-Director of physical education and sports affairs : Ahmadreza Soleimani     contact no : 03431325261

-Head of the office of counseling : Dr.Ali Mehdizadeh

Student management

The main objective :  To improve the student's welfare and provide needed facilities for them

Responsibilities :

1.Developing the physical infrastructure

2.Providing facilities

3.Cconsidering the necessary measures  for  better cooperation of the other organizations

4.Increasing the welfare facilities

5.Having interaction with all student organizations


Affiliated Units :

1.Office of Dormitories:     Head : Somayeh Kaviri    contact no : 03431325278

2.Office of Food and Nutrition:      Head : Hedayat Motahari    contact no : 03431322350

3.Office of Transportation:       Head : Hamid Aghebatandish           contact no : 03431325306

Cultural Affairs Management :

The main objective: Offering  services to the students  and improving their cultural and ideological levels based on Quran doctrine and practical methods of infallible Imams.


Offering cultural and extracurricular services to the students

Affiliated units

1. Office of cultural affairs

Head : Mahmoud Ghorbani

Contact no : 03431325285

2. Office of extracurricular affairs:    Head : Mohammad Reza Navadeh   contact no : 03431325281

3. Office of Quran affairs and Quranic activities:  Head : Mahdieh Zafari   contact no : 03431325282

Management of physical education and sports

The main objective: To develop and spread sport among the strata of academics


1. Careful programming and regular implementation of the devised sport programs

2. Discovering the potential talents of the young students

3. Expanding the sports activities

4. Having the students participate in the extracurricular activities and sport competitions

The experts of physical education:

1. Mohsen Gholizadeh   contact no : 03431325257

2. Mohammad Hossein Yousefi    contact no : 03431325257

3. Afsaneh Dadvar    contact no : 03131325262

Office of student counseling:

The main objective: psychometric testing and holding workshops in the field of psychology for students and university staff


1. Offering medical services

2. Planning individual and group counseling

3. Planning educational consulting, clinical and public psychology and social work


Deputy for office of student counseling:

 Dr.Morteza Taee

Social worker: Batoul Pourjoupari

Social worker : Soheila Aryaeenejad