A History of Vice- Chancellor for Food and Drug

Vice - Chancellor for Food and Drug which was called “Food and Drug Administration”up to 1380,was a subset of the “Department of Health and Medicine “of Kerman University of Medical Sciences.Vice - Chancellor for Food and Drug was founded in 1380 and carried on its activities independently since then. Dr.Gholamreza Sepehri  the professor of pharmacology was appointed as vice –chancellor for food and drugs.

Vice – Chancellor for Food and Drug  started its activities with Dr. Akbar Mousapour  as deputy and its consisted of three units as follows:

1.Office of supervision on medicine and drugs with Dr.Shahram Kalantari as manager


2.Office of supervision  on foods,beverages , and cosmetic with Dr.Mohammad Hasibi as manager


3 . Cosmetics , beverages and food control laboratory with Dr.Mohammad Hasibi as manager


After Dr. Mohammad Javad Zahedi was appointed as chancellor of Kerman University of Medical sciences in 1384, Dr.Ali Asadipour , associate professor of school of pharmacy, was appointed as vice_chancellor for food and drug.After 4 years of hard working , in 1389 , Dr.Asadipour was appointed as vice_chancellor for student affairs and Dr.Abbas Pardakhty succeeded him as vice_chancellor for food and drug.

In 1389 , Dr.Pardakhty left to spend his sabbatical period and was replaced by Dr.payam Khazaeli , Dr. Mahmoud Reza Heidari was appointed in 1392 as vice-chancellor for food and drug.

Department of Drugs

-Sample delivery

Initial control of samples-

-Archiving and coding the samples

Conducting the qualitative tests on samples-

-Spotting   TLC   to determine the final confirmation of the drugs (addictive substances)

-Standardization of narcotics

-Conducting quantitative test with HPLC

-Recording the results of performed experiments in excel software

-Submitting the results of tests through automation


Drugs  unit

Duties and responsibilities:

_Estimating the amount of narcotic drugs required by medical centers

_ Supplying and distributing the narcotic drugs in medical centers appropriately

Supervising the performance of the narcotic drugs distributing centers_

_Filing the names of the patients who should take narcotic drugs based on the diagnosis of medical council

_Giving narcotic drugs to patients according to the approvals of medical council

Regulating the bills and accounts_

Visiting the recipients of narcotic drugs_

_Disposal of the papers , empty shells and vials of narcotic drugs based on rules and regulations

_Announcing the monthly and annual statistic and reports to the head of the office of supervision on drugs